Winter break

This break I want to do two things. Focus on having fun, and work on my project. The good part is that, they intertwine. I find working on my project fun, so that makes it easier. Now I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “working on my project” from your students so many times now that it hurts. So let me go into abit of detail.

I’m at the point in the process where I need to start applying for gigs. So far I’ve had two, and I’m loving it. I am so proud of the songs I’ve written this semester, my skills have shot up. My songs actually make sense now and I don’t use the “it means whatever you want it to mean” excuse anymore. My songs mean something, usually something specific. And I’ve gotten pretty good at getting my ideas across.

This break I have three specific goals, I want to post two new live performance YouTube videos, apply to 3 gigs, and make the track for Alice Cooper man. If I can get those three things done, along with having some well deserved time to rest and relax, this will be the best break yet.


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