As I pieced together my Gant chart, I wondered if there was an error. 57 days left? Eh must be a mistake. No, cant be, Mr. P is the most organized person, these 57 days on my screen must only account for half of the semester then. I had a mini rush of panic, when I got an answer from Mr. P. That this is in fact the amount of days left in our semester together. 57 days, no more, no less. I realized what had to be done, work, and lots of it.

Yesterday I sat down in my conference and went over some of the things I’ve done. We realized that I was on track, and not only that, but I was ahead of being on track. It seems like my realization of the few days we have left at propel had pushed me to get things done. I finished my first song, and have already started working on my second one. I performed at an open mic last night and got a video of it to put on YouTube.

As happy as I am about being ahead of the game, I won’t let that make me too comfortable just yet. If I get comfy in being ahead, to me that almost feels like a door to slowly falling behind. I am happy with where I am at right now, but with that comes the reminder that there is always more work to do.

With the responsibility also comes a great pressure to give this semester the amount of work and heart that it deserves. By hustling to stay ahead of the game if possible, and most of all, writing music and getting out there to perform. There is always more work to do, to get to the place I want to be.


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