Unwanted orange flower

It was the first class of the day, and I was there to work on the painting I had re-done over and over again. I needed to paint over the orange flower I added last class because it didn’t feel right.

I never paint sitting down, I only paint when I’m standing. why? Good question, I don’t know. What I do know is that when I paint, I don’t plan. When it comes to me, painting and planing don’t mix. Just like purple and yellow don’t mix, you’ll  get a weird colour. The even better part about not planning when you’re painting is that if you create an orange flower that does’nt do the job, you can just paint over it the next day.

I told my art teacher that I had to paint over the orange flower. Some might suggest that erasing my orange flower would have made the full hour and a half that I spent working on it, nothing more than sheer time thrown straight in the trash bin. I was concerned with what she was going to say.

Was she going to make me keep the flower even though I knew it did nothing but damage my painting? Was she going to make me plan out every brush stroke of my next painting?  Some might suggest that I should before I go wasting time painting unwanted orange flowers, and that’s fair. Was she going to tell me I should sit down when I paint next time? If she did, I would tell her that I needed to stand and paint for reasons I don’t even understand. I know that wouldn’t be a very good point. So would I end up painting a perfectly planned out picture, sitting down, and mixing purple and yellow because I was told to?

“What are you working on today Victoria?”

“I’m going to paint over the orange flower, I don’t like it anymore.”

She didn’t question me.

“I’ve watched you work, You get an idea, and then you just go. You’re a free painter.”

The corners of my mouth curled upward and my heart fluttered with the freedom of the process. I grabbed my brush, dipped it in blue and said,

“Goodbye orange flower.”


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