Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept piece has been a useful addition to the propel system. It gives you a chance to explore your opportunities and allows you to see what works before you start your project. I was given the task of singing on my classmate’s track. We are both new to what we are working on. I have never sung over a track quite like his, it is less acoustic style like what I am used to, and more R&B techno. He has never recorded analog before, so this is new for him. We are helping each other out, and through that, a pretty bumpin’ chorus to a new song will be born. He’s made the track, I have experimented different melody lines over it, and written a set of lyrics that match the intense tone of the song. We ran into a bit of a challenge when we first stepped into the recording room. We couldn’t figure out how to get the mic to record properly. We recorded some melody lines as a test anyway, and it worked but was much too quiet. We didn’t always have time to record, it wasn’t possible every time we wanted to because we have other music students who need to use the room as well.

We worked through our first challenge by consulting Mr. Hansen, he helped us fix our mic problem. I talked to Izzy, another music student about the issue we have all been facing when it comes to sharing the music room. She came up with a great idea, she created a schedule. Now we can fill in when we want to use the room. knowing when we get the room, we can plan out our days more efficiently and ultimately be more productive. When I wasn’t in the recording room, I dedicated the rest of my time to writing lyrics for my POC song. I also spent time looking for inspiration for my project by watching YouTube videos and taking note of what I liked. I also spent time updating my list of what I want to get from this semester. I looked on the Manitoba music website and looked-for gigs. I learned some new useful information, including the fact that you can’t just search up “Gigs Winnipeg” and click on the first thing that comes up which was craigslist. You live and learn, which is exactly what propel is all about.




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