What Better Place to be?

Nothing is wrong, but nothing is just right just yet, but this early into my life’s career path that’s probably an acceptable place to be. Grade twelve has begun and thus far I’ve experienced feelings I’ve never considered or thought of previous to this peculiar year. This year is designated to finding yourself and getting prepared to do something with your skillset and ambitions.

Two weeks in and I’ve already adopted a cat, melted the letter “B” key off of my laptop with a hair dryer, worked the longest Goldeyes game in history (17 innings), bought a banjo because I felt the need to, wrote a new song, played a gig at Manifest, and stayed up too many long nights thinking about how I don’t know what I’m going to do after I leave grade twelve.

It’s been all I’ve been able to think about this summer, and it’s hard for me to tolerate not having a plan to do something great, when it feels like so many people around me already have their own. I have a lot to consider and a lot to learn, and knowing that I have to leave Winnipeg stings as much as it makes me smile. I’m not ready to leave home the year directly after high school, so I’ve decided to take a gap year in between and put out an album. It’s time to start writing more and more.

Right now, I’m exactly where I need to be; in an environment that will help me to discover my path, and figure out a more refined plan. Planning can only get me so far, and maybe it’s time to just start. What’s a better place to just start than here?


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